Udne Ki Aasha: Renuka's taunting spree

Udne Ki Aasha: Renuka's taunting spree

Udne Ki Aasha, which is produced by Rahul Kumar Tewary in collaboration with Rolling Tales Production, is keeping the audience hooked with its constant twists and turns.
In the Wednesday episode, While Renuka's taunting hasn't stopped, now she marks the boxes being used in the kitchen while Sailee is cooking rice. Renuka's such measure shocks Sailee, a caring Paresh tells Sachin to call Sailee and ask if she is fine. Sachin calls but Sailee fails to recognize him and hangs up which leaves Sachin shocked. 

In the Thursday episode, Sailee calls Sachin to ask his arrival to which Sachin replies not sure leaving Sailee upset. Renuka taunts Sailee's cooking leaving Sailee upset again and she couldn't eat properly. Sailee calls Juhi late in the night about being hungry. While Sailee in on call Renuka taunts again and Subha listens to all this and she is more upset.