Actor Mohit Malhotra: I think for any industry, you have to be an extrovert

Actor Mohit Malhotra: I think for any industry, you have to be an extrovert

Actor Mohit Malhotra says that it is very important to go out and meet people, to be able to survive in any profession. He says that networking really helps you grow professionally.

“I feel networking definitely helps. I think for any industry, not just the entertainment industry, you have to be an extrovert. You have to go out and meet people. Because as much as you meet people and as much as you network with new people, I think you get to learn and you get to find new opportunities. Nothing comes in life by sitting at home. I think regardless of the industry, you have to step out of the house and meet as many people as possible, because every person has something, you have something to learn from them, and I think that's a good thing,” he says. 

He adds, “When you're meeting a lot of people, you do get visibility. But eventually, it's your talent that will give you a long sustenance in your career. I think without that, nothing, no networking can help. But yes, you have to go and meet people, because the more you meet people, the more you get to know what is really happening in the industry. You get to know what are the latest trends that are happening, what are the new projects that are happening, and at least you get an opportunity to audition or test for them. So, it gives you an opening to new opportunities.”

Talking about nepotism, he says, “I really believe no matter what people say about nepotism, eventually I feel it's the talent that really sustains you. We have seen in the past that there are many star kids who have not been able to make it in Bollywood, irrespective of their contacts and connections and coming from a great family, eventually it will be the talent that will sustain. And I think whoever has been able to prove their worth, in spite of being an actor's son or director's son. I think only people with talent have been able to sustain in the industry.”

However, he agrees that not getting the right opportunity or losing the opportunity can be frustrating. “That's actually true. I also feel the same. Sometimes you're not able to get to know like, okay, this is happening. Sometimes you're not called for the audition that you think could have been a perfect fit for you. But I think that is part of the challenges you face in every industry and you have to go through with it. Sometimes you'll miss opportunities, sometimes you won't. But eventually if you are persistent and consistent in your life, you will make that happen. You will find those opportunities and you will be able to convert those opportunities into great projects for,” he says.