Actor Ranaksh Rana: Why wait for the New year to start things?

Actor Ranaksh Rana: Why wait for the New year to start things?

Actor Ranaksh Rana, who is a part of the multilingual contemporary mytho-sports drama ‘The Mentor’, says that one should not only make New Year resolutions. The actor says that every day should be regarded as a fresh start.

“I am of the opinion that every day is new and we should celebrate every day. Why wait for the new year to start things? My roadmap is a constant work, my next steps are ready before my previous milestone is achieved. My achievements are my new year. My contribution to society is my new year celebration,” he says.

He adds, “As for resolutions, I strongly feel that everyone should figure out how they are contributing towards society and earth in general. If you pick trash from the road, you are contributing. If you do not use plastic bags, you are contributing. I think those who wait for a date to start things, they will wait a lifetime. So I don’t believe in new year resolutions. There will always be hurdles but once you start something, you should do it with all your heart.”

Talking about New Year plans, he says, “Why would anyone assume that you could either party or spend time with family? Like why is it an either-or situation? I celebrate with my family, but party, for me, means having a good time with good conversations. I am lucky that my family is also a cinema aficionado and that’s why our parties are rich with passionate talks around what we truly love- the craft of filmmaking. Poetry jams, sharing stories of personal experiences and cultural relevance is how I think it is celebrating.”

Meanwhile, as him what he wants to wish for this New Year, and he says, “If I had a magic wand, my wishes would be, Vausdhev kutumbakam, the world should live like one big family. No boundaries, humanity as one family. Those who pretend may find the courage not to do so, because being fake affects the real people around them too. Rebuild the trust that we are day by day losing on humanity around the world.”