Actress Megha Sharma: Networking and references play a significant role in the industry

Actress Megha Sharma: Networking and references play a significant role in the industry

Actress Megha Sharma says that knowing the right people, at the right time, matters a lot. She says that while talent also plays a big role, it is important to network well. 

“In this industry, networking and references play a significant role. Having genuine contacts makes your work easier, and setting clear goals while being socially active is crucial. Networking is vital in the industry,” she says.

She adds, “Merit holds value, preferences matter too. This preference factor exists not only in the entertainment industry but in various sectors where someone might prefer a known performer over an unfamiliar one. It's about taking risks as part of life.”

Nepotism also exists in the industry, but that is natural, says the actress adding, “Fefinitely Nepotism exists. It's not about not only about this industry, it's everywhere. For instance, if my father is running a business, and the need arises for someone to handle the business, he would likely consider someone within the family, like my cousin or my brother. This is what we call nepotism because it's about providing opportunities to family members when there's a chance for growth. I believe using the nepotism card to disregard someone's merit in business is not fair.”

She says, “Not getting the right opportunities and facing rejections can be very frustrating. I've been through numerous situations where opportunities almost slipped away, and the reasons were unclear. Handling it is a challenge, and I honestly don't know how I manage, but I stay focused on my goals and my talent. I believe in setting clear goals, and I know that with time and effort, I'll get the opportunities I deserve. It's important not to let rejections lead to depression or self-doubt. Instead, keep your focus, work hard, and believe that someone will recognize your efforts. Don't let frustration and disappointment weigh you down. Keep pushing yourself, as that's your responsibility. Selections and others' opinions are beyond your control. What matters is how confident and skilled you are. Keep preparing yourself for the best, and success will follow in its own time.”

Luck is very important, she says, adding, “In the entertainment sector, luck plays a significant role, just like in any field. The path to success may have its ups and downs, and it's all part of the natural balance in life. This balance affects the growth and setbacks we experience. I find it helpful to take a step back, find some space to calm down, and realize where I am. Avoid getting too caught up in the highs and lows. Maintaining this balance is essential, much like finding the right blend in a dish. it's a delicate process.”