Actress Seerat Kapoor Celebrates Rakul Preet Singh's 10 Years in the Industry with Heartfelt Note

Actress Seerat Kapoor Celebrates Rakul Preet Singh's 10 Years in the Industry with Heartfelt Note

In a heartwarming gesture, actress Seerat Kapoor recently penned a touching note to congratulate her dear friend Rakul Preet Singh on completing a remarkable 10 years in the film industry. Seerat's message not only acknowledged Rakul's professional journey but also highlighted the personal growth and dedication she has poured into her craft.


Seerat Kapoor expressed her admiration, saying, "Congratulations on completing a decade, doll! Every frame speaks volumes of your transformation and the inner work you have silently put in. Besides your humble heart, you remain a powerhouse of inspiration to all of us, working towards our goals. May the universe always be with you. Love you, @rakulpreet."

The heartfelt note was accompanied by a video of Rakul Preet, showcasing their strong bond and camaraderie. Rakul, in response, took to her social media to express gratitude, commenting, "Awwwwww so sweet of you Baby! Thank you."
The industry buzz also suggests a close connection between Seerat Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh, further fueled by the fact that Rakul's brother, Aman Preet, and Seerat are rumored to be in a romantic relationship. Despite the speculation, the duo has not officially confirmed their relationship status.

The entire Bollywood and Tollywood gang came under one roof and celebrated their new year in Thailand Samui. And Seerat has also been sharing pictures with everyone from their celebration. We could also spot an adorable bond between Seerat Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh. While Rakul Preet Singh has earned accolades for her performances over the past decade, Seerat Kapoors bond with her, friendships with fellow industry buddies and Kapoor’s body of work and versatility as an actor continue to capture the audience's attention. 

Seerat Kapoor's touching message not only celebrates Rakul's professional milestones but also reflects the warmth and support shared among friends in the entertainment industry.

On the work front, Seerat Kapoor is set to have a bang in 2024 with bunch of projects lined up to release in a row.