Bigg Boss: 5 reasons why Rinku Dhawan had a big role to play in Munawar Faruqui’s journey

Bigg Boss: 5 reasons why Rinku Dhawan had a big role to play in Munawar Faruqui’s journey

As the current season on Bigg Boss comes to a close, it is safe to say that actress Rinku Dhawan has played a sophisticated and dignified game. While we have loved watching her make her way in the house, make friends and stand up for herself, we have also seen her bond with stand up comedian Munawar Faruqui, and be there for him. Here’s how she has had a big role in his journey as well.

Constant support: This season has been called out for contestants feeding off on each other’s personal lives, but the bond that we saw between Rinku and Munawar stood apart. She was with him, standing strong, when he was down. We spotted them sitting and talking so many times, her consoling him, helping him cope with what had been thrown at him.

Showed him the right way: Not only did we see her trying to give him strength, but we saw Rinku showing Munawar the right path. She told him that he needs to learn from what happened. She never minced her words, but she continued to be kind and understanding towards him.

Called a spade, a spade: While many may tell their friends that they are always right, Rinku is different. She told Munawar very clearly that what he did was wrong. She guided him on how to take this positively. And that is the quality of a true friend.

Maturity: Her advice to Munawar was very mature and honest. While she showed him the right path, she also made sure to stand with him through this tough time. We also didn’t see Rinku react to others who made comments at him, or didn’t understand his position.

Played like a winner: A great friend, a great player… What else is required in Bigg Boss? She might have gotten eliminated a few weeks back, but Rinku played like a winner. And when she came out, she continued to support her friend.