Charrul Malik: I have never faced any confusion about my career path

Charrul Malik: I have never faced any confusion about my career path

Journalist-turned-actress Charrul Malik who is currently part of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai,  says that when it came to her career as a news anchor, she was very clear from the beginning that this is the line she wanted to go into. She says that she was always prepared to put in as much hard work as it took to get there.

“I've been fortunate not to face any confusion about my career path. I always knew I wanted to be in the news industry since I was 7 or 8 years old. I started working at 15, and with the support of my parents, well-wishers, and by the grace of God, I became a news anchor at All India Radio, Chandigarh. I was clear about pursuing education simultaneously, so I graduated in law, inspired by my dad who is a lawyer,” she says.

She adds, “Nowadays, children often choose careers quite different from their parents, even though parents might prefer them to follow the same path for a stable foundation. Today's kids are a bit more stubborn; they know what they want, have a clear vision for their future, and possess the power to make decisions. Despite being tech-savvy and having numerous platforms for research and analysis, they sometimes feel confused due to the overwhelming options. With Google, Instagram, and other social media, there's an abundance of information, leading to comparisons and a sense of pressure within peer groups. Kids may make quick decisions, experimenting without much patience for the stability and consistency needed to pursue a particular path. This sometimes results in realising their choices weren't the right fit after a couple of years. The desire for experimentation and a lack of patience for sustained effort seem to be common challenges in today's dynamic environment.”

Talking about how she prepared herself for her career, she says, “I made the decision to pursue a career in news anchoring at the age of 7 or 8. My proficiency in Hindi, thanks to my mother being a Hindi professor, and the encouragement and education I received at home built my confidence. I was drawn to news reporting, both in Hindi and English. Despite people thinking it's a casual statement, I genuinely decided at that young age. With unwavering support from my parents, it wasn't a difficult choice. Engaging in extracurricular activities from a young age, I developed confidence on stage, excelled in grasping and delivering information, and had a knack for eloquent pronunciation. My grandfather, a former IAS officer and MP MLA, influenced me with his impressive speeches. While I may not be exactly like him, a bit of his essence might run in my blood. My mother, who taught me a lot, and my talented and supportive father played crucial roles in shaping me. I believe the inheritance from my family, along with hard work, enabled me to achieve what I have in life.”

She had to work very hard, says the actress, adding, “I didn't face any struggles, but hard work was a constant. There were challenging moments, like getting up at 3 am for news anchoring, especially during the ‘Pehli Khabar’ show on Star News, where we were the only channel broadcasting at 5 am. I started and consistently anchored the show, even when others left the channel. Waking up around 3:30 or 3:45 am, getting makeup done, and going through the script before going on air at 5 am was routine. Despite odd hours and non-stop work, I never had any issues, and I worked diligently without any complaints. I am grateful for my career and the choices I made, and I attribute my success to the hard work I've put in. I'd say I've worked hard, but I see it more as dedication than a struggle.”

Ask her what tips does she have for people who want to enter the media industry, and she says, “The advice that I would like to give to people is that if you aspire to enter the media industry, think carefully because it's not everyone's forte to go live for 8 to 9 hours daily. As a news anchor, you need to be confident, spontaneous, excellent in speaking skills, possess good diction, and be presentable 24/7. Being a news anchor means being prepared to go live anytime, facing questioning on various subjects, and staying aware of both national and international events. Even if you don't know something, you should have the ability to appear knowledgeable. My advice to those looking up to me is to be thoroughly prepared because every day is a learning experience. Never assume you know everything because live situations can reveal gaps in your knowledge. Be confident but not overconfident, patient rather than impatient, and avoid throwing tantrums. Find joy in your work; otherwise, it will reflect on your face when you are live. Remember, the world is watching you, but it doesn't know what's happening with you, so maintain inner peace, stay calm, be cool, and radiate positive energy.”