Eklavya Sood talks about sharing the screen with Jennifer Winget in the web series Raisinghani vs Raisinghani!

Eklavya Sood talks about sharing the screen with Jennifer Winget in the web series Raisinghani vs Raisinghani!

Eklavya Sood, who is part of the web series Raisinghani vs Raisinghani, is acting alongside actress Jennifer Winget. The actor says that initially he was excited and a tad bit nervous sharing the screen with her. However, her carefree attitude was what broke the ice between the two.

“The dynamics between the members of the cast are brilliant, to be really honest. While I was accepting the show, I was a little nervous to play a character alongside Jennifer Winget.  I've watched her since I was young and have always admired her as an actor. Obviously, I felt the jitters when I was supposed to shoot my first scene with her. I wasn't sure how to address her - should I call her Anushka (her character's name), Jennifer, or ma'am?. I eventually blurred out ma'am. Immediately she was like, 'call me Jennifer, don't call me ma'am!’ And that's how our ice kind of broke and all those jitters subsided. It's been smooth sailing ever since ” he says.

The actor adds that he shares a great rapport with the other members of the cast as well such as actor Karan Wahi, Reem Shaikh. “I share a different relationship with all three of them, to be really honest. Reem is a very good friend now. We jam a lot, we chill a lot. She and I share a lot of screen time together and that has continued off screen as well.  While Karan Wahi and I, we have our own kind of a history and connection. Karan is a fun person to be around on set. You will always be entertained with him. There is never a dull moment. I love his energy, and his candid humour. He and I bonded on our shared history and lineage. Our moms are Kashmiris, and he has promised me when his mom visits she is going to cook Rohan Joshi for me. And I am going to make him stick by his words” he says humorously.

Ask him who he feels is the most social out of all three, and he says, “The social queen would be Reem Shaikh. Definitely hands down there is no doubt about it, while the social king would be Karan. The other day, Jennifer and I, Karan and Reem were all sitting together and we were having this discussion about how poor Jennifer and I are on Instagram.  How lazy we are to click photographs, edit reels, think of captions and finally post. It's a different talent altogether and both Karan and Reem are brilliant at it. But then again, Reem comes to Jennifer's rescue and offers her help in editing a few reels for her. Even I wanted to jump on that Instagram learning wagon and now Reem has promised to spill her trade secrets and force me to click more photographs and up my Instagram game. I hope I come out with flying colours.”