Entertainer’s Cricket League, the first of its kind Creator based T10 Cricket League launched in Mumbai Today

Entertainer’s Cricket League, the first of its kind Creator based T10 Cricket League launched in Mumbai Today
The biggest names in content creation, Abhishek Malhan, Sonu Sharma, Elvish
Yadav, Harsh Beniwal, Munawar Faruqui and Anurag Dwivedi will lead the charge
as team captains

18th June 2024, Mumbai: The Entertainer’s Cricket League, the first of its kind content 
creator based cricketing league was launched at a press conference held in the presence of 
Abhishek Malhan, Sonu Sharma, Elvish Yadav, Harsh Beniwal, Munawar Faruqui, Anurag 
Dwivedi and league founders, Anil Kumar and Himanshu Chandnani. This franchise-based
league featuring six teams will be played in the month of August and September.
“It is very evident that content creators are the most relatable and loved entertainment 
personalities on social media and in popular culture today. Their fanbase has achieved cult 
status and it was only natural to get all the creators together under one platform and launch 
the Entertainer’s Cricket League. The ECL is the perfect match between two things that India 
loves most, cricket and its content creators and to create an offline community for the 
creators. It will be a great opportunity for all kinds of creators to come together and have 
this kind of exposure that is not possible online” Said, Mr. Anil Kumar, Founder, 
Entertainer’s Cricket League.

The creators will each lead one of the six franchises with each team further picking in the 
form of the draft from a vast pool of 250 popular content creators out of which 96 creators 
will make the final cut. These will include popular content creators across multiple 
industries such as technology, finance, infotainment, education, motivation & self-help, 
entertainment including vloggers, gaming, fashion and lifestyle from India. The Entertainer’s 
Cricket League will turn out to be an ultimate experience for content lover’s across the 

Being a part of the Entertainer’s Cricket League is a thrilling experience. We, as content 

creators, have always connected with our fans through screens, but this league gives us the 
opportunity to engage with them in person while playing the sport we all love. It’s going to 
be an amazing journey.” said, Abhishek Malhan, Captain, Team Bangalore
“The Entertainer’s Cricket League is not just a tournament; it's a celebration of our 
community. We’re bringing together entertainment, sports, and our incredible fanbase for 
an event that promises excitement and fun. I can't wait to lead my team and create some 
amazing memories on the field.” said Sonu Sharma, Captain, Team Delhi.
“This league is a dream come true for many of us. Cricket has always been close to our 
hearts, and combining it with our passion for content creation is a fantastic opportunity. I’m 
eager to see the enthusiasm of our fans as we take on this new challenge.” said Elvish 
Yadav, Captain, Team Haryana “ECL is a groundbreaking idea, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. The league not only brings 
together top creators but also offers a new way for us to interact with our audience. It’s 
going to be an incredible mix of cricket and entertainment, and I’m looking forward to the 
competition.” said Harsh Beniwal, Captain, Team Punjab. 
“Playing cricket and entertaining people are two of my favorite things, and ECL combines 
both perfectly. This league will showcase the versatility and talent of content creators in a 
way never seen before. We’re ready to give our best and entertain our fans like never 
before.” said Munawar Faruqui, Captain, Team Mumbai. 
“The Entertainer’s Cricket League is an innovative concept that bridges the gap between 
sports and digital entertainment. It’s an honor to be leading a team and participating in this 
exciting venture. I’m sure our fans will enjoy every moment of this league.” said Anurag 
Dwivedi, Captain, Team Lucknow.
ECL is also expected to garner over 100 crore viewers across the first season alone since the 
total followers of the content creator exceeds this number. The league will be broadcast live 
on an undisclosed broadcast partner which will give fans a reason to witness this 
extravaganza live. 
“We are excited to be a part of this huge amalgamation between cricket and culture and are 
backing our initial aim of building an inclusive community for all kinds of content creators. 
We look forward to the first step in what will definitely prove to be a legacy league in India. 
With the launch of the ECL, we aim to create a franchise based league that will be watched, 
followed and cheered on by millions of fans of these amazing and extraordinary talented 
content creators.” Mr. Himanshu Chandnani, Founder, Entertainer’s Cricket League signed