Get Ready for Holi: Rajan Shahi's Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai Cast Share Festive Plans!

Get Ready for Holi: Rajan Shahi's Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai Cast Share Festive Plans!

Actors from the popular Star Plus show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ produced by Rajan Shahi (Directors Kut production) share insights into their Holi preparations and send heartfelt greetings to their devoted fanbase. With just one day remaining until the vibrant Festival of Colours, excitement is palpable. Cast of the show  reveals their plans for this year's Holi festivities and reflects on the profound significance of the festival.

Saloni Sandhu 
I will celebrate with my friends. I love holi , dance, Colours and love to eat Gujiya , and chole bhature is my favourite on holi.  My fondest holi memory from childhood is playing with my family and school friends. 

Sandeep Rajora
I’m always excited for holi.. I’ll go to the holi parties with friends. Love the color camaraderie and the rain dance. It’s a festival of bonding with people and celebrating together. I love to eat freshly made Gujiyas on holi. Fondest memory of holi was the initial zoom holi parties in the early 2000’s.. it was such a beautiful n fun vibe meeting all our long lost industry friends and playing crazy holi with them.

Preeti Vipin Choudhary
I love celebrating Holi with my entire family in Delhi. My mother-in-law cooks delicious food, mainly non-vegetarian, and we all enjoy the mutton and tandoori roti together. We sit and eat together from one plate, and then there's the Gujiya, which is to die for. My childhood Holi were filled with water and color, returning home in the afternoon soaked. However, my fondest memory is of my first Holi after marriage in Delhi. My dadisaas were very strict  , and no one dared to put color on her. I took the risk and applied color and even splashed her with a tub of water. 

Shruti Ulfat 
Holi is usually celebrated with family, but this year, let's see... I might celebrate with friends. Still deciding. Childhood memories are filled with lots of them. Holi is my favorite festival. I remember in Dehradun, where I am from, as children, we would fill balloons the evening prior and collect buckets filled with water balloons. Then the next day, we would go to the terrace and splash them on the road and people who walked past. What fun it was for us! And then, of course, playing until 4 pm, and then eating, bathing, and going to sleep. Happy Holi to all. Please be safe and use safe colors.

Sikandar Kharbanda 
I’ll be celebrating an eco-friendly holi with dry colours with my friends and family. Also currently we are shooting a holi sequence on a grand scale on the set. So it’s an extended celebration either way. Holi added colours to all the best memories of my childhood. It was and still is my favourite festival. Living in a joint family , my cousins and I would prepare days in advance , gathering balloons, planning pranks , buying colours and the day of the festival we would all be unrecognisable. Food, especially desserts were an integral part of holi. Truly happy memories.