Jigna Vora shares her journey into the world of astrology and tarot card reading

Jigna Vora shares her journey into the world of astrology and tarot card reading

Renowned for her journalism career, Jigna Vora's life story takes a remarkable turn with her exploration of spirituality. While many are familiar with Jigna from her appearance on Bigg Boss and the Netflix show Scoop highlighting her career, fewer know about her deep involvement in astrology predictions and tarot card readings over the past decade.

"I delved into the realms of astrology and tarot card reading years ago, driven by a quest for answers to the events unfolding in my life, be it professional or personal," she reflects.

Jigna's journey into these practices was spurred by personal adversity, notably her wrongful implication in a murder case, from which she was eventually acquitted. "Despite consulting numerous astrologers and investing considerable resources, I found myself unsatisfied with the answers provided. This led me to embark on a journey of self-learning," she explains. "I realized that many others, like me, were seeking authentic guidance amidst life's challenges, prompting me to pursue this path professionally."

Looking ahead, Jigna expresses her desire to continue in this field, drawing from nearly a decade of experience. "Offering insights into people's personal and professional lives, and nurturing the seeds of their spiritual journey, brings me immense satisfaction," she shares.

Reflecting on her transition, she acknowledges the initial skepticism she encountered. "In the beginning, trust was hard to come by. However, through patient listening and empathetic understanding of my clients' concerns, I gradually earned their confidence," she remarks.


Jigna emphasizes the universality of human experiences and the innate desire for clarity amidst life's complexities. "I've come to realize that everyone faces their own challenges, whether in their careers or personal lives. Through interpreting their horoscopes and providing guidance, I aim to help them comprehend the underlying reasons behind their struggles," she explains.

Concluding with confidence, she asserts, "People seek answers, and authenticity breeds trust. I take pride in the accuracy of my tarot and astrology predictions, which have proven to be nearly 90 percent accurate. For new clients, I typically initiate online sessions, eventually transitioning to in-person consultations after a few interactions."