Mouli Ganguly on being part of Abhigyan and Mrinal Jha's Janani AI ki Kahani

Mouli Ganguly on being part of Abhigyan and Mrinal Jha's Janani AI ki Kahani

A fresh take to how women handle pressures at home and in the world, the journey of a single mom, and a refreshing storyline; actress Mouli Ganguly’s new show Janani AI ki Kahani On Dangal. is this and so much more! The actress says that she is so grateful to be part of the project.

“A breath of fresh air, this show is an absolutely new concept for Indian television. It's not just a robot story, it's about artificial intelligence and its evolution, step by step. The show outlines the journey of a mother, who is willing to go to any extent to save her daughter. Nature has given her an opportunity to be a mother, and science gave her an opportunity to be a ‘Janani’. You need to surely watch the sci-fi thriller-family drama to know more about this,” she says.

The actress plays the role of Ira Sharma on the show. “I have been offered many roles before, but nothing like this. Mrinal Jha is one of the best writers in television. I have worked with her and know her potential, so I was really thrilled and hope this new breath of fresh air works for television,” she says.


She adds, “Even before hearing the story, I had said no, expecting it to be another run-of-the-mil role that I'm usually offered. When I heard the one-liner, when Mrinal narrated the story to me in the cafe shop, I was blown away... and the title of the show itself suggests why any actor would get tempted to do it. It's different from all that I had been offered till now. It's different, fresh, unique, not a saas-bahu drama.”

Talking about her character, she adds, “Well, I'm not a scientist or as intelligent as Ira, but I'm a woman. I could relate to all the hardships and challenges that Ira goes through. She is a working woman, handling work, in-laws, family, daughter's health issues, along with office politics, home politics, and societal pressure. She has no time for herself. Being the daughter of a single mom, I can see a bit of her in how my mom used to handle things. It's so beautifully written that it makes it very easy for me to feel and relate to every emotion of hers.”

Working with producers Abhigyan and Mrinal Jha is wonderful, she says, adding, “Absolutely awesome. They are extremely respectful towards each and every actor. They treat actors like artists, not like commodities, which is very rare in this industry.” The show will air on Dangal TV at 9.30 PM from 15th April, Monday to Saturday.