Preet Dutta opens up about her birthday this year

Preet Dutta opens up about her birthday this year

Model-actress Preet Dutta, who was seen in the music video Tera Main Deewana, turned a year older recently. She says that she had an amazing birthday this year and celebrated it at her good friend and stylist Mohit Kapoor’s house.


“Mohit had arranged a small surprise party for me. You know how in a city like Mumbai, people come from different places with aspirations. So, when someone takes the time to do something special, it means a lot. Mohit put thought into the celebration and organized a small party at his home for me on the 20th of January. I celebrated my birthday there, and I really enjoyed it,” she says.


Talking about the celebrations, she adds, “Talking about gifts, I received many, but in today's busy times, finding someone who takes the time to meet you is a big deal. On my birthday, I also celebrated at my director Suman Guha's house, where my music album was recently released. He had arranged lunch for me, personally cooked. I had lunch with him on my birthday.”

The actress says that these things are more important than other materialistic treats. “These things, the time spent with someone, mean a lot more than just gifts. Suman Da, considering my family wasn't around, asked what I wanted to eat and made everything according to my preferences, despite his health not being great. He treated me like a parent, and that really mattered to me.”

She adds, “Again talking about gifts, my co-actor Vipin Bharadwaj wrote something for me, which I posted on Instagram. Taking the time to think and express good thoughts or feelings for a friend, like Vipin did for me, was the best gift on my birthday.”