Radha's Race Against Time: The Battle to Save Mohan and Damini

Radha's Race Against Time: The Battle to Save Mohan and Damini

Mohan, under Tulsi's control, breaks into Damini's house. Damini hides but is eventually caught by Mohan, who threatens to kill her. Damini uses a mantra to momentarily escape and runs to her car. However, Mohan catches up, and Damini calls Kaveri for help.


Meanwhile, Radha suspects Kadambari to be the Guru Maa and questions her. Damini pleads with Kaveri over the phone, revealing her location. Mohan continues his pursuit, and Damini desperately seeks help.

vKaveri learns that Tulsi owns the house where Damini is trapped. Radha is shocked and worried. Damini is dragged back into the house by Tulsi, who intends to kill her. Radha and Kaveri rush to the scene to rescue Mohan and Damini. In a terrifying turn of events, Damini faces Tulsi's wrath, pleading for her life. Mohan, still under Tulsi's control, swings a hammer at Damini, causing bloodshed.


Ketki tries to contact Radha and Mohan, unaware of the unfolding tragedy. Kadambari and Ketki are unable to reach Radha and Mohan. Radha and Kaveri arrive at the Banarjee house and discover the horrifying scene. Damini's fate hangs in the balance as the situation becomes increasingly dire.