Rajeev Bhardwaj on being part of Honeymoon Suite 911: A cop role well written is always challenging and enchanting

Rajeev Bhardwaj on being part of Honeymoon Suite 911: A cop role well written is always challenging and enchanting

Actor Rajeev Bhardwaj, who is part of  Subhash Ghai's show Jaanaki and has been seen in films such as Super Nani and theatre play Chanakya where he has been playing the role of Chandragrupt Maurya since the last 14 years, has also joined the case of a brand new web series titled Honeymoon Suite 911, as lead COP.

The actor says that he loves playing a cop in the series. “My role is that of the main investigative cop. I was attracted to this role because of its mysterious nature. My character is called Balwinder Singh - Balli. He is honest, daring, and strong. He is threatened, pressurised to ignore the wrong things that are happening. Yet he is the one who fights the nexus of police with criminals to unfold and solves the deep mystery behind this thriller web series,” he says.

Talking about how he relates to the storyline, he says, “A cop role well written is always challenging and enchanting. I have always enjoyed portraying the roles in uniform, especially a cop, for the behavioural layers this role offers as a character. This Balwinder Singh- Balli's is smart, quirky, and no-nonsense cop, when it comes to crime. I loved this the most and can relate to it.”

He adds that he loves working in OTT, but he wishes to work in all mediums. “Every medium has its own paradigm. Web series is an exciting medium. It is finite, gives scope to the artist and maker to expand our thots horizon while telling the story. Every web series has its target audience and that is encouraging as an artist. I want to film another series, and also want to be part of a feature film. I am playing the lead part in showman Subhash Ghai's Jaanaki, which is on air and is going strong,” he says.

Talking about his journey in the industry, he says, “It's an amazing industry. You work on your skill set, your craft and the industry will surely value you. Don't chase money or roles, work on your craft. If you help people save their time and add value, you will be rewarded & receive much more than you have ever imagined.”

Honeymoon Suite 911 is captivating audiences with its intriguing storyline, talented cast, and high production values. The story is inspired by true events. The story and screenplay is written by Siddharth Injeti, who is also the Head Of Content at ALTT, and the series director is Madhur Agarwal. ALTT is led by Vivek Koka as Chief Business Officer. The web series is produced by Rainbow Digital Entertainment (Rajesh Srivastav and M.P. Singh) and is a must-watch.