Shivangi Verma: Being visible on social media can indeed enhance recognition, however content and authenticity matter

Shivangi Verma: Being visible on social media can indeed enhance recognition, however content and authenticity matter

Actress Shivangi Verma says that it is very important to be careful about the kind of content one puts out on Instagram. She says that the platform has a lot of scope, but needs to be used well. 
“Indeed it's the ‘real future’. In fact, it’s the present as people nowadays are making a living out of YouTube videos and Instagram reels. I think in our times as kids we used to say that we want to become a doctor, a pilot or a teacher but in the near future one more profession will be added that is of a YouTuber or a content creator. Kids would want to become a YouTuber or a content creator,” she says.

She adds, “In today's digital world, being visible on social media can indeed enhance recognition. It provides a platform to showcase your work and connect with a broader audience. However, the quality and authenticity of your content still play an important role in making a lasting impression. I believe reels and YouTube videos will continue to grow in prominence in the future. As our digital culture evolves, these platforms offer a dynamic way for individuals to share unique content and for audiences to engage with a wide range of interests and expertise.”  

However, she says that not everything you see is real. “It's all a trick of the light. False acceptance and approval. It's going to get terrible with AI as we won't be able to differentiate between what's real and fake. As it is said that everything has a positive and negative side, so do Instagram reels and YouTube. The disadvantage is that some people are dumbing down others. I've watched individuals consume cringe content, and it's turning them into zombies. When you open a reel, you immediately waste a few hours on the platform. People benefit from good content as well, but how much of it do we actually watch? I believe the issue is that 80% of people want to watch such cringe and senseless content, while just 20% want to view decent and meaningful, knowledgeable content.”

She adds that one needs to know how to differentiate between reality and fiction. “Our young lack the ability to fact-check anything they see on the internet, making it a dangerous environment. On the plus side, it has advantages for all professionals, including entrepreneurs. It is only necessary to be knowledgeable and mentally distinguish between reality and illusion. After all is said and done, these reels will only increase at a rapid pace because the concept of gaining your 15 minutes of fame has now been transformed into something much larger than that, and the viewers appear to love it fully,” she says.