Short film Kathakaar lead Priyanka Bajaj Sibal talks about significance of happiness!

Short film Kathakaar lead Priyanka Bajaj Sibal talks about significance of happiness!

Two times Mrs India winner Priyanka Bajaj Sibal will soon be making her Bollywood debut with Ruslaan Mumtaz-starrer Kathakaar, a gripping short film. She plays role of a cop in the Anshuman Chaturvedi film.

She says that she regards this opportunity as a chance to learn. “I believe that every day is a learning opportunity, to evolve - be it gaining a new skill, exploring a fresh idea, challenging myself to set new goals. In essence, it brings me immense happiness when I am able to work towards my goals. Of course, it is a given that family is my anchor, and their company fills me with joy and makes my life complete,” she says.

Talking about her career, and how opportunities such as these make her happy, she says, “Career is not something outside of my being. It brings my soul joy to be able to do the things I am passionate about - acting, dancing, modelling. It elevates my soul to see the fine results of my hard work, and yet, it doesn’t take away from my life if things get tough on the work front, because I have a cushion in my family. My idea of happiness is to enjoy every minute of this wonderful journey, and not lose the plot in focusing only on the destination.”

She adds, “I absolutely agree that balance is the key to happiness in life. Work and life need to be given their due every day. I have found my own way to make this work for myself as I travel for work and club family time with this. This helps me rejuvenate myself. I am fortunate to be blessed with a very supporting family.”

Short film Kathakaar lead Priyanka Bajaj Sibal talks about significance of happiness!

Ask her when her career made her happy, and she says, “My career opportunities are essentially the milestones of my life, and I feel overwhelmed at the memory of these experiences because it came to me with a lot of effort. Winning the Mrs India title twice was no easy job! It requires grit, determination, perseverance, and a lot of sacrifices.

So, this was my pinnacle of success and brought me immense happiness! Besides this, cracking my chartered accountancy degree after multiple attempts, going the whole way without giving into doubts and skepticism was a victory for me. Also, work keeps me busy, so whenever I am able to spend quality time with my family members, especially on festivals, I am super happy.”

Here is what she has to say to her fans. “Be fearless! Don’t give up! Ignore all the noises around you that tell you that you can’t do it! There is nothing that can stop you from achieving your dreams — if you are willing to put in your heart and soul, and come with everything that you’ve got, showing up day after day and not settling for anything less than the very best you deserve! Don’t set any limits for yourself. Keep exploring and see how far you can go in life.

I believe each one of us has something unique in us to enrich the world with, and to unleash that infinite potential in us is our soul’s responsibility. Once you are aware of your inner calling, then with a pure intention in your heart, and with focus and determination, you should go out there and put your best to manifest it.”