Sukirti Khandpal on being part of Anupamaa: The story is very real

Sukirti Khandpal on being part of Anupamaa: The story is very real

Actress Sukirti Khandpal, who plays the role of Shruti in Anupamaa, says that she loves playing her role. She says that she associates a great deal with her.

“Shruti is today's girl. She is a photographer, who is 34 years old, and has a cool lingo. She loves herself so it's pretty much relatable. At the same time, she has a mature side to herself as well. So yes, I can relate to her,” she says.

She adds, “I think the best part about working with Deepa Shah ma’am and Rajan sir is that their shows always leave a mark on the audience and the industry as a whole. Their shows are legacy shows. It feels good to be part of the production house.”

Talking about the storyline of the show, she says, “I think the story is real. For any story to touch so many hearts, it has to be real. Teenage issues are a reality and so are extramarital affairs. So many people are middle class. The show has managed to touch many cords and reflect reality so I think it's great that the story has been able to show so much.”

Ask her if she feels TV will lose its audience due to OTT, and she says, “Not at all! I think TV will always have its own audience because a lot of families watch TV together. I think in the Indian context, TV will always have its own charm. It's fulfilling watching TV from 8: 30 to 11:00 with your family, which a tablet or phone can't replace.”

Talking about the shoot, she says, “I have just started shooting very recently and I look forward to my day and how to do the scenes well. My daily source of motivation is my dad. He is 72 but he's more active than people half his age. He has achieved so much in his life but he makes complete use of his day from 6 am onwards by 9 am he's done with gym and his study and ready for court and kudos to him. So when I look at him, I feel motivated.”