Sumit Aroraa loves being part of Prateek Sharma's Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, here’s why

Sumit Aroraa loves being part of Prateek Sharma's Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, here’s why

Actor Sumit Aroraa, who plays the role of Ajeet in Prateek Sharma’s Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan, says that he loves his character. He adds that he gets to do a variety of scenes that help him explore his abilities as an artist.

“My character is quite relatable. He is a happy-go-lucky person, always stays happy and helps everyone stay happy as well. The character is quite relatable. I am happy that I got to play such a good character in Radha Mohan,” he says.

He adds, “I did comedy but I love doing emotional scenes too. During theatre we learned that an actor has to be versatile. So, I portray those scenes with the same dedication like I do the comedy ones.”

Talking about working with producer Prateek Sharma, he says, “Working with Prateek sir is great and he knows what to cater to the audience. We have such beautiful tracks and he only sees everything that we can show to the audiences. He makes sure that we add different flavours so that people look forward to seeing what’s new. As a producer he is handling it superbly and I am blessed to work with LSD production house.”

Ask him which has been his most favourite scene so far, and he says, “The current sequence is about Shabir (Mohan) who is possessed by the soul of Tulsi and it’s a very interesting and exciting track. His act is worth seeing. Our involvement in this track is amazing as at times we are scared whether it’s Mohan or Tulsi speaking.”

He adds, “I love to be on set. We have such a lovely team. My daily motivation is that, just like me, there would be 100s of people who would be out there, looking for auditions, but here I have such a great show and production house to work with.”

Talking about the various mediums available today, he says, “The TV industry and OTT, no doubt, is giving competition. However, the TV audience is loyal. Our mothers’ generation still likes watching TV and, on that, our TRP stands as well. Going on OTT and watching the show with ads, they find it a bit clumsy and TV has a set routine.”