The beautiful Sonam Khan is ready for her comeback !

The beautiful Sonam Khan is ready for her comeback !

Actress Sonam Khan, who has been part of movies like Vijay, Aakhri Ghulam, Mitti Aur Sona, Ajooba, and Tridev, is all set to come back on screen. The actress says that she is on the lookout for a role that is central to the story.

“I have missed acting from the time I gave up work. Once I started acting, it became a part of my DNA. I'm ready for my comeback now and I couldn’t be more excited,” she says, adding, “I'm looking for a strong role, without which a story cannot move forward. That's precisely why I decided to come back and start working again now because OTT has those opportunities. Everybody is a hero in a OTT platform series or a movie. I'm more interested in the OTT series. The shortest OTT series also lasts for about four episodes, at least. So, you are constantly on the mind of people. When you are watching OTT, be it Netflix, Amazon or any other app, for that matter, each role is unique.” 

Ask her which film or series has motivated her recently, and she says, “The movie I really liked was Animal. Besides this, I saw Bramayugam by Mammootty sir and he was excellent.” 

⁠As for directors who she wants to work with, she says, “I would like to work with every director, who can see my vision, who can relate to what I'm trying to tell them, and what kind of role I want and anything, which is good. I'm willing to work with everybody.” 

Meanwhile, she is not someone to be deterred by competition. “There will always be competition. There will always be the next best actor, and the next worst actor. This is part and parcel of our profession. I'm willing to take on everything that comes my way,” she says.