Yashashri Masurkar: Actors are selling their personal lives

Yashashri Masurkar: Actors are selling their personal lives

Gone are the days when actors would only be known for their work, says actress Yashashri Masurkar. Yashashri, who is currently seen in Dabangii: Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi has been part of shows such as Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. The actress says that today it's all about who is revealing about their personal lives, on social media.

“With social media and the paparazzi out there to capture our every move, it can get tough to shield your personal life. However, it all depends on how much you want to share. The exposure is huge, but what comes out in the public eye is on you. If you don't tell the media, they wouldn’t know. Would they?” she says.

She adds, “People are obsessed with their favourite celebrities. And why wouldn’t they be! Actors are also selling their personal lives. Why else would people get married on a reality show or pretend to fall in love on national TV?”

Yashashri Masurkar: Actors are selling their personal lives

Ask her what she would want to shield from the world, and she says, “For me, my family is off limits. I make sure that nothing is posted about them from my side, and otherwise too, nothing comes out in the open. Even when I was in Bigg Boss, I kept my family out of fame. I am very open generally in life. But yes, I draw my line at family. I am okay with anything else coming out.”
She adds, “Things aren’t as open as we think. I think it all depends on how comfortable we are in sharing. It is true that actors are being more open and are sharing things about their personal life. But, I still feel that people also need to be more disciplined around celebrities and especially their babies.”
Talking about who she looks up to regarding striking a balance between public image and private life, she says, “I think Irfan sir had that balance. He was very real and open with his fans and yet protective of his personal life. Now that I think of it, all these senior actors have managed that well because they didn’t buy into the game.”